Sunday, December 29, 2019

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Hi everyone.  I'm a bit late in writing this post but you all know how life gets in the way sometimes.  December 24 is my wedding anniversary with my wonderful husband.  We have been married now for 53 years.  Amazing!  Here is the card I made him.

I feel that an anniversary card to my husband should be special so I did a lot of thinking about the design before I started.  I have a beautiful background stamp that is intricate and has heart outlines and swirls.  I decided to use this.  

I prepped the stamp in my Misti tool and used a kraft card stock panel to stamp on. 

It's always a good idea to use an anti-static powder bag and run it over the card panel to wipe off any oils from your hands and fingerprints.  This keeps the embossing powder only on the design area.

Next I completely covered the stamp with some clear Versamark ink, a sticky ink that makes the powder stick to the card stock.  

After pouring the gold embossing powder all over the panel it looks like this.  The design shows up but it's critical at this point to be careful in handling the panel as the powder is just hovering on top.  You must use a heat gun to blow onto the powder.  It's very hot and actually melts the powder.  The finished result is stunning.

This stamp has 2 die cuts that match the design.  One is a plain heart that's sized perfectly to cover the center heart.  The other is slightly smaller and is a detailed die that has the exact same design as the stamped image.  So many techniques and designs you can do with this set.  

This time I opted for the plain heart and followed with some stamping in black ink.  The other 2 fishtail sentiments complete the card.  
So Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Organizing My Chaotic Card Room

I don't know what it is about the end of one year and the start of another.  Something in the human brain makes you think you have to purge and clean and get organized.  It seems like I'm constantly doing it.  Either I get new supplies or where I put this or that just isn't working or I find something in a drawer that I'd forgotten about and know I need to use it next time I create or SOMETHING.  Here's the thing tho.  When I clean out one drawer or file cabinet or shelf, it leads to cleaning out another drawer or file cabinet or shelf.  But oh my, it does feel great to go in and work after all the organizing is finished.  So here are a few photos I took along this journey. 


It all started with this.  Some new Gina K. ink cubes and pretty card stocks.  But first I needed to label the ink cubes and make room in my file drawer for the card stock.  And, here's what my desk looked like right before this photo. 

I had just finished working on several cards and had my heat gun, adhesive and the Goo Gone to remove some sticky labels.  I was ready to label the ink cubes but had no room to work.  So one thing led to another and another and another. 

All this took several hours but I finally had some semblance of order and began using my label maker to identify the ink cubes.  

It was a joy to add these new inks to my Gina K. collection.  I only have 5 more to get before the set is complete.  

This last photo is my open drawer with a divider system just to hold each ink cube.  So handy!  I'm ready to get back to creating now and have a special card to show off to you tomorrow.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Fun Baby Card #2

I'm back today as promised with an over the top cute baby card.  

This card shows the father, mother and a little surprise which I will tell you about in a minute.  I started with a MFT stamp set called Owl My Love.  The original design of this card was shown by one of the MFT design team members and is the reason I purchased the stamp.  

The matching dies are available also.  I began with stamping the 3 owl images on some high quality card stock with an intense black ink that is Copic friendly.  

I chose bright colors that would reflect the happy feeling of a baby's arrival.  

A clear shimmer pen was next and it's impossible to see how the owls sparkle.  I finished off my owls with a white gel pen that gave a whimsical look to the images.  I die cut one more mama owl of plain white card stock.  

I used a score tool to make a tiny crease at the top mama's ears.  I attached a small piece of strong tape to the back side of the scored area.  This gave me the ability to attach the plain white owl image to ONLY the very top of the mama owl, making a hinge so that it could be lifted up.

I finished the card with an appropriate sentiment and some pretty pattern paper.  Can you guess the gender of the new baby?  Of course you can.  Here is another example I made for a boy baby. 

Father, mother and baby owl all safe and warm.  
Thanks again for stopping by.  It means so much to me!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Fun Baby Card #1

A friend asked me to make her a couple of baby cards.  I don't have many stamps that lend themselves to that theme but I looked through my stash and came up with a few ideas.  


I recently bought this set on Ebay because I really like all the occasions it can be used for. I saw lots of examples of card designs on Pintrest using this set so I got to work.  

The set allows you to personalize the balloons in several different ways.  You can stamp them as a solid image, an outline and also do an embossed or raised effect on each balloon.  I chose to try the embossed look since it seemed more special.  I got out some heavyweight vellum and my Misti tool.  After getting the placement correct I stamped the "bubbly" look image in clear embossing ink and then used a fine detail white powder to heat emboss it.

I needed 5 balloons for the card, 3 small and 2 large.  Since the top part of the balloon is missing I made a template of the entire balloon and after the vellum part was embossed I put the template behind it and cut around  the vellum to create an entire balloon shape.  

Here's how the finished card looks.  

I love the white embossed contrast with the darker aqua card stock background.  Not the traditional baby blue color but that's ok.  Since this card turned out so pretty and I already had my supplies out I looked through my embossing powders to see what other colors I might use.  

This one is called Vintage Mint and has some silver pieces and also lots of sparkle.  

Love how this looks!  I'll have to try it with my pink and purple powders another time.  Stop by tomorrow for Baby Card #2.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Butterflies - Pink & Aqua

I'm back today to show off my efforts at mass producing some beautiful everyday cards.  My last post showcased these cards using a Purple and Orange theme.  Today I have the Pink and Aqua ones to show you.  

These are basically the same design as the other colors.  I did change up a few of the stamped sentiments.  It's nice to have different cards on hand for whatever occasion you might have.  

Another thing I did differently was I stamped the butterfly directly onto the white panel.  This way the shaker elements will "dance" over the stamped butterfly.  It was a lot easier and resulted in almost the same finished card.  

I mixed up different shaker elements so all the cards would be unique.  The card on the right has only a few seed beads but a lot of iridescent hearts.  So pretty in natural light. 

And this is the final card.  I really needed to add to my ready made cards for an instant pop in the mail occasion.  Thanks so much for stopping in to visit my blog.  I really appreciate it!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Butterflies - Purple & Orange

I'm happy to show off my butterfly cards to you.  First the purple ones.

I'm going to walk you through this group of cards and the other colors are basically the same design so here goes.  I stamped the leaf design on each of the card stock panels with the die cut window.  I used some white thread and a needle to string the colored seed beads onto a length of thread.  I separated the beads on the top and bottom of the thread and sandwiched the butterfly in between.  All this was much harder to do than it seems.  Some of the beads had such small holes that it would not fall onto the thread.  So sometimes I had to take off several beads to get to the one that was stuck.  I was going to make all the cards with this bead design but after a couple of attempts it was just too much.  The butterfly slides up and down the thread.  It's really beautiful.  By the way, those of you who were looking for glitter, I used a sparkle pen on each butterfly.  If you happen to get one of these cards, you will see it up close.  

I tried some different beads on this card thinking I would be successful but again it was quite a struggle to get even a few beads onto the thread.  It does look very pretty but after a few hours I decided on a different approach.  

Aha!  I went with a shaker card and was much happier with this design.  The threaded beads have an open window.  So now with the shaker design I attached a clear piece of acetate to the front window, added lots of pretty beads and secured the butterfly in the center.  The beads really shake, rattle and roll.  Very clever if I say so.

I ruined a few front card panels in this process so I was left with using a different color card stock.  It still worked out okay, just different than the others.  The shaker elements inside are the same as the card above but I also added some silver hearts.  The photos really don't show how pretty these cards are.  I used a stamp set from My Favorite Things called Brushstroke Expressions to add the sentiment in a dark black ink to the front of each card.

Here are all four cards together.  Which is your favorite?  Feel free to comment.  Now onto the orange cards.  They are basically the same.  


I went a little crazy on these pink and orange beads.  It's pretty full but I'm thinking that's not a bad thing.  

This pretty bead mixture has orange, aqua, golden yellow and white pearls.  Gorgeous in the light.  

This is the only orange card that has threaded beads.  The thread is clear instead of white.  I thought maybe this thread would be easier for the beads to string but sadly it wasn't.  They are silver shimmer beads from Pretty Pink Posh.  I love their sequins.  

The last orange card is another shaker with a mixture of silver shimmer, clear and a few of the pink and orange beads.  

So there you have it.  All the orange cards.  Stay tuned because I still have the aqua and pink cards to show you.  Have a happy day and don't forget to smile.